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Q. I have an older 20 ft. Omega Splash Pool and the skimmer hose has finally worn out. My hose is black in color not blue as your photo shows. Will this hose work for my skimmer?

A. It sounds like you have the older style skimmer assembly. We do not have that style hose, as it is obsolete. You will need to update your skimmer assembly to the newer style, part number SKIM99 or attempt to rig something to replace the hose. Sorry, this skimmer has been obsolete for some time. We have bulk hose that can be cut down to size (they come in 3 ft. increments, part number blkhose, and used with part number TAPER to make the connection to the wall fitting. You'll have to find a way to clamp the hose and taper together or glue it together. It’s kind of a piece together job that will work until your skimmer assembly needs replaced in its entirety. It would save you a few dollars now, but it may not last as long.

Q. Do I need to place anything under the bottom of the pool to protect it from the ground?

A. Once the ground has been prepared according to the Owner’s Manual, a plastic tarp or foam pad will make a good barrier between the liner and ground.

Q. The Splash vacuum will not move.

A. Is skimmer basket in place
Is handle across skimmer basket in place and not cracked
Is there air in the hose? (Submerge hose to remove all air)
If pressure on filter tank has a 10 lb. rise, clean filter or backwash

Q. Skimmer has low suction.

A. Check for obstruction in skimmer, bottom skimmer hose, hair lint trap on pump
Clean skimmer basket
Make sure ball valve is fully open
If pressure on filter tank is higher than 12, clean filter element or backwash

Q. Leg has slid out of top rail.

A. Drain pool completely to re-engage leg, we recommend at this time to add Splash Foot Blox to pool legs. Contact your local dealer for these.

Q. Leg has slid off wood block or concrete block;

A. Drain pool completely to reinstall support, we recommend the Splash Foot Blox to support each leg.

Q. How do I remove the dark scum line around my pool?

A. It is safe to use Simple Green, 303, 409 or any other biodegradable cleaning agent with the aid of soft brush.

Q. Can anything be done about the white discoloration spots on my liner?

A. This is caused by the in-proper use of chlorine. There is no process to restore the color, however it can be prevented by the proper use of chemicals. Never place any form of chlorine in the skimmer. We recommend the use of a locking, floating dispenser.

Q. What accessories are available for my SplashPool and how can I order?

A. Accessories available for the SplashPool can be viewed on the website on the accessories page.

Q. How do I patch a small cut in my pool?

A. Use the repair kit that is included with the pool to patch small cuts in the liner. Clean the surface on the waterside of the liner, apply glue to the patch and hold in place (on the inside of the pool directly over the cut) for a few minutes.

Q. I have misplaced my Owner’s Manual.

A. The complete Splash Owner’s Manual, can be found on the website, in the upper right hand corner in the support box.

Q. How much work is involved in owning and caring for a swimming pool?

A. With today's conveniences, owning a swimming pool is easy. Water chemistry testing and maintenance, pool cleaning, and even pre-programmed filtration and heating can be automated if you wish to include these options on your construction. Automatic pool cleaners, in-floor cleaning systems and various sanitizing devices make your pool a pleasure to maintain.

Q. Does the skimmer kit, part# SKIM99 come complete with the hold down hose?

A. It sure does! Complete in this case really means complete. Also comes with the skimmer basket, blue suction hose and vacuum plate!

Q. I may need to replace my ball valve. My water leaked out all the way below my winter plug. This has happened for the last 3 winters. If I order a new ball valve from your company, will it come with any lubricant, gaskets, silicone tape or whatever I need that it originally came with?  Ever since, we lose our water every winter. The valve actually works fine. Is there a reason I need to replace the whole valve or can I just unscrew it and resilicone it?

A. No, the ball valves do not come with any of those items. They just screw onto the wall fitting. I’ve not heard of anyone siliconing it on. That may cause issues if the wall fitting ever cracked and needed replaced. I’m wondering if they have old style hoses that clamp on. If this is the case than the valve screwed into the pump not onto the pool wall and the hose clamped on over male fitting of the valve. I can see where he might silicone something like that. The newer hoses screw on and have gaskets that come with them. The valve just screwed onto the pool wall fitting and the hose screwed onto the bottom of the valve. I would ask which style hoses he uses. That would tell me which style valve he has. The newer style is an overall better made product. If he does indeed have the older style, he may wish to upgrade his wall fittings, hoses and valve. It costs a little bit more to replace, but will last a lot longer.

Q. How do I find a leak in the liner of an above ground pool?

A. First check the perimeter of the pool for soaked areas or look at the sand cove and see if any craters have formed, as the water washes away the sand it will leave a ctater in the floor. For small leaks try this. Turn off your pump so the water is still. I put in a dozen os so 3" squares of paper towels scattered through out the pool. As the water leaks out it will drag a couple pieces of paper towels to the leak. This method has worked for me in the past for small leaks.

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